Children's Church

The Children's Church Ministry objective is to make disciples of our children by raising them to be spiritual champions! We want them to explore their many questions about Christianity so they can eventually take ownership of their own faith. We create an environment that is educational and entertaining while teaching them about Biblical truths. This will allow them to build relationships with others and be grounded in the Word of God. The Children's Church endeavours to reach out to children, not only in our church community, but also in our city by helping them make a choice to follow Jesus.

Leader: Valda Ricketts


Couple's Ministry

The Ebenezer Couples Ministry is comitted to developing marriages by participating in informative monthly meetings and entertaining social events.  We strive to reach out to all married couples to help them thrive  in their marriage. We endeavour to provide empowering tools to nourish, build and cherish marriage upon a Biblical foundation and in so doing strengthen our relationship, our families and, ultimately strengthen the church as a whole.  Another area of emphasis is helping unsaved couples come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. In addition, we provide formal seminars for couples with keynote speakers who are experts in marital success of Christian couples.

Leaders : Ruth James and Dawnette Barnes


Ebenezer Empowered Ladies Ministry (EELM)

The Ebenezer Empowered Ladies Ministry's purpose is to empower, strengthen, and encourage women to reach their full potential in Christ by helping them gain knowledge and understanding of themselves through His eyes.   We foster an atmosphere of support, personal growth, spiritual development and leadership.  One of EELM's primary mandates is to  help women identify and use their God-given gifts to become true ambassadors for Christ; thereby enabling them to evangelize confidently and  increase the Kingdom.  We strive to engage in community outreach and charitable initiatives.  As mother's, daughters and sisters we recognize the need to explore issues that are unique to women. At our meetings, we share personal experiences and explore biblical principals to overcome challenges.  EELM invites all women to join our sisterly fellowship!

Leaders: Natasha Bonnick, Neifa and Emma Ansah


Ebenezer Single's Ministry - R.A.C.E. (Radical Ambassadors for Christ of Ebenezer)

God's desire for us is to be SINGLE (whole, complete, unique and set apart). R.A.C.E. is a group of passionate people seeking to be totally whole, separated, and unique. We are seeking to discover our IDENTITY so we can fulfill our divine PURPOSE. We utilize our abilities, skills and knowledge to encourage, educate and strengthen each other. Our theme scripture is Matthew 6:33-But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.  If you are engaged, dating, not dating, separated, divorced, or widowed, we invite you to join us as we purpose to discover God's plan for our lives.  We as a Ministry intend to equip believers with the necessary tools and resources to live an authentic lifestyle that reflects their identity and purpose through the application of Kingdom principles and strategies. Our mission is to challenge all unmarried adults to ignite their passion for God and His word. We endeavour to break the traditional mold of Singles Ministries by using methods of observation, interpretation and application of God's word in our lives and in our relationship with others. This will be accomplished within a framework that includes: Prayer, Bible study, Education through workshop and seminars, Social events and activities.  Our Motto is Singles Sold Out For Christ.

Leader: Doreen Green