About Us


Ebenezer Holiness Church of God is a family oriented church characterized by love for God and one another. We were established on the principles of Jesus Christ and His Word in 1996 and we have been propagating the Gospel ever since.  Our services are blessed by the rich presence of the Lord and there are activities for diverse groups and ages. Our mandate is to win the lost at all costs through evangelism and discipleship. 


We at Ebenezer strive for each and every person in attendance to have a meaningful experience in an atmosphere of complete acceptance.  Our services are filled with joyful worship, fellowship and vital Biblical teaching - a combination that uplifts the soul.  Rest assured, our members are people just like you!  They are filled with hopes and fears, joys and sorrows, strengths and weaknesses; the common thread being that we all are committed to overcoming, succeeding and becoming wiser as we travel through life's journey. Whether you are new to the faith, a committed believer looking for a place to continue your walk with Him, or experiencing a personal struggle, our doors and our hearts are open to you.

*A warm WELCOME awaits you, your family and friends. Come and let us study, grow and fulfill your potential and purpose together!*


Ebenezer Holiness Church Of God will be established nationally and internationally on the word of God, prayer and fasting and that the whole person - body, spirit and soul be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord.



Bishop Glenford G. Duffus

Men's Ministry: Brother Patrick Douglas

Ladies' Ministry: First Lady Janette Duffus, Sister Natasha Bonnick, Sister Neifa Peyton 

Couple's Ministry: Sister Ruth James, Sister Dawnette Barnes

Single's Ministry: Sister Doreen Green

Missions Ministry: Sister Mary Power, Sister Joan Dowie

Praise & Worship: Sister Kimarie Duffus

Children's Church: Sister Valda Ricketts

Youth Ministry: Sister Kimarie Duffus, Sister Melissa Duffus, Sister Alecia Walker

Adult Bible Study: Minister Craig Ricketts

Evangalist Ministry: Evangelist Valda Rickettes